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How To Launch Your First Podcast with Bryan Entzminger

If you are an aspiring podcaster or just starting out, you may feel pressured to record your first episode and doubt whether it will be successful or not. There’s that feeling of doubt when you’re about to start something new and announce it to the world — we all have a word for that and it’s the Imposter Syndrome.

You don’t need to worry as we will have Bryan Entzminger, Founder of Top Tier Audio, a real expert who has a superb and excellent understanding of audio and the fundamentals of recording in podcasting will walk us through the tips and tricks on how to launch your first podcast, what tools can you use, and how overcome the Imposter Syndrome of an aspiring or early-stage podcaster.

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About the Guest:

Bryan Entzminger, started Top Tier Audio, where they edit and produce high-quality podcasts for professionals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

But he’s not just an editor or a founder. He’s also a podcaster. He know what it’s like to work “in the margins.” To put time and energy into something.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How can you become a top-tier audio editor?
  • Hindenburg — the best audio editing tool?
  • As an early-stage podcaster, do you really need to have a piece of expensive equipment?
  • Highly effective methods on how you can improve in podcasting.
  • Tips and tricks for editing your audio.
  • Is a paid podcast hosting platform necessary for a newbie podcaster?
  • How to overcome the Imposter Syndrome as an early stage podcaster.

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