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How to Grow Your Podcast the Right Way Through Data with Graham Brown

Podcasts are on the rise and many podcasters are looking beyond the numbers…but are they looking at the right numbers? Success in podcasting isn’t centered around gaining listeners. There are some podcasters that are “push marketers”. They want to push their content out there and hope that people come to listen.

For aspiring podcasters or new podcasters, you should focus on attracting the right listeners—the kind of people who will connect with your podcast and become avid listeners (and hopefully, fans). How can you do it? You can do that by knowing your data or the information you have on hand.

In this episode, we will have Graham Brown, founder of Pikkal & Co— an award winning podcast agency, a true expert who has been involved in over 2,000 podcast episodes as a host, producer or guest. He will guide us through the importance of the “data” for podcast growth.

Enjoy listening!

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About the Guest:

Graham Brown, founder of Pikkal & Co, a Full Service Podcast Agency with podcast production partner studios in Atlanta, Bangalore, Barcelona, Brisbane, Dubai, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Manila, Mexico City, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Vienna, Washington DC and Zagreb. Pikkal & Co was founded by podcast host Graham Brown. Pikkal & Co specializes in Performance Communication for B2B Clients. Performance Communication is Communication that delivers measurable results based on Data-Driven Conversations.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How “data” in your podcast makes a difference to its success.
  • How to use your ONE successful episode to grow your podcast.
  • Why content is still the king? A look at the most important factor for podcast growth.
  • Effective methods for growing your podcast while retaining your audience and listenership.
  • Podcasting: a great tool for your business or personal branding.

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Connect with Graham Brown here:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamdbrown/

Personal Website: https://grahamdbrown.com/

Business Website: https://www.pikkal.com/

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