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28: Find Your Niche and Dominate Freelancing as a Podcast Manager | Cecilia Mercado & Eloisa Almonicido

Anyone who has ever tried to manage a podcast knows that it can be a difficult task. There are a number of things to take into account if you want to succeed as a podcast manager. From scheduling guest appearances to making sure the audio quality is up to par.

In this episode, we will hear the awesome and inspiring journey of the two experts in Podcast Management, Ma Cecilia Mercado and Eloisa Almonicido the founders of The Valuepod Productions. They will share with us the tips and tricks behind podcast production.

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About the Guest:

Ma Cecilia Mercado, Podcast Producer and Founder of ValuePOD Productions. She helps businesses and brands effortlessly launch, distribute and grow their podcast turning listeners into paying clients.

Eloisa Almonicido, CO-Founder of ValuePOD Productions, CEO of Severs Media, Helps podcasters with signature programs increase their student enrollment rate through podcast guesting.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Ce and Eloisa’s story of their arduous journey before realizing what they were meant to do – manage podcasts.
  • Find out how the two discovered their own niche despite the busy life of being a mother and eventually became their gas to bring out the fire in their belly.
  • Is a mentor or a coach really needed if you want to succeed in your career?
  • Their realizations about the pandemic and what made them even more successful despite the obstacles.
  • Highly effective and proven tips and tricks from the two experts on how to succeed as a podcast producer/manager.

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