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On-demand content is the future as more people continue to embrace podcasts. What is happening to the podcasting industry? Should you care about the dynamics?
In this episode, we talk to James Cridland, an editor at podnews.net, writer, and consultant. Kindly tune in to listen to how he generated his business idea and the various dynamics in the podcast industry.

[02:29] How did you come up with the idea of podnews.net
[04:13] Do you think radio is the future, or it can be correlated with podcasting
[05:57] What is happening to podcasting today, and why should you care?
[08:21] What do you think is happening in the podcasting industry. What is in for you and me?
[10:41] What is your advice to people or businesses thinking of starting a podcast business in 2021?
[12:35] Do you need to have passion for your podcast niche?

About the Guest

James Cridland is Editor of Podnews, a daily podcast newsletter. He is a radio futurologist – a writer, consultant and public speaker on radio’s future.

James has worked in audio since 1989 as an award-winning copywriter, radio presenter, and internet strategist.

He launched the world’s first streaming radio smartphone app in March 2005, for the original Virgin Radio in London, launching daily podcasts earlier that year. He’s since worked for the BBC and radio stations across the world.

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