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7 : What it takes to make a career out of editing podcasts.

There has been a major shift in our daily routines amidst the covid-19 pandemic. More than ever, most people have embraced online gigs. In this episode, we speak to Steve Stewart, a professional podcast editor who accidentally found himself in this career but established his niche in it.  How do you make a career out of podcast editing amidst the pandemic? Is it hard, or does it require some technicalities or prior experience?
Tune in and listen as our guest shares his podcast editing journey and success tips as a podcast editor.

What we discuss with Steve Stewart  in today’s episode:


[02:19] What it takes to make a career out of podcast editing. Is it hard?

[04:54] Why do we need to hire a podcast editor rather than the Artificial Intelligence softwares?

[07:32] Best resources that can help you in podcast editing

[09:40] Advice to any podcaster changing their career into podcast editing

[12:16] How do you start podcast editing?

[16:17] Recommendations on creating your community as a podcast editor: Is it good to have one?

 About the Guest

Steve Stewart launched his own podcast in 2010 to help market the financial coaching business he was growing, but gave it all up in 2015 when a couple personal finance bloggers wanted help producing their own podcast.

Today, Steve produces more than 20 weekly shows, including *Plutus Award Winning podcasts such as the Stacking Benjamins Show, Afford Anything, and Popcorn Finance.

He also created the Podcast Editors Club in 2017, which has over 7,000 members and co-created the Podcast Editor Academy – a membership site with tons of resources for other podcast editors.

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