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Do you want to create a meaning full content? 


In this episode, Kia Abrera, the founder and CEO of Braveworks, Inc shared with us the power of Authenticity. 


Why she believe that when we create or allow ourselves to create something better and we allow ourselves to be brave and start creating  not just for our own benefits but benefits of everybody else.



What we discuss with Kia Abrera in today’s episode:

·        [09:41 ] Why Video marketing is important with Small Business

·        [13:09] Is personal Brand and Business should interconnect?

·        [20:59 ] How powerful is  authenticity

·        [23:16] Why storytelling is important in video marketing?

·        [26:09] Be Brave and true to yourself 

·        [33:45] How to overcome your Imposter Syndrome? 


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