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Can you become a podcast manager without a formal background?


In this episode, Lauren Wrighton, founder, and host of The Podcast Manager Show tells us how to become a podcast manager. She shares useful tips and resources that will help you set your first foot in the industry.


She also shares her story and how she transitioned from different freelancing roles to becoming a successful podcast manager. Lauren is now motivated to help other aspiring podcast managers do what they love most and at the same time support themselves financially through podcast management.


What we discuss with Lauren Wrighton in today’s episode:

[03:41] Lauren’s background and journey

[07:04] Differences between Podcast Editing and Podcast Management

[11:20] Must have skills for a podcast manager

[14:10] Imposter syndrome and how to overcome it

[17:35] Resources that Lauren used along the way

[21:00] Podcast manager roles 

[28:33] Do podcast managers need a mentor?


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